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AA_Logo2 Arrow Academy Save Our Streets Center


Welcome to the Save Our Streets Charter School, where we believe that learning should be relevant, engaging and fun! Learning should always be a joyful and challenging event for all learners. Our staff is committed to engaging our students by providing learning opportunities that are aligned with the various learning styles of each student. We believe our purpose is to prepare our students for a future beyond the STAAR test. Each child deserves to master the skills needed for the next grade level and beyond. Each child deserves the opportunity to build vision and hope for their future.

Save Our Streets is one of 4 sites in the Arrow Academy Charter School System and serves grades K-6 within the Save Our Streets Ministries Center. Arrow Academy believes the purpose of education is to give all students the opportunity to access knowledge and acquire the skills to become contributing, responsible citizens within our society. We believe that "Direction Determines Destination" and with your help, we will work to ensure our students are headed in the right direction and prepared when they get to where they're going!

As the new SOS Director, I am excited to begin building relationships with our students, their parents and the community. Our focus this year is on building a strong community where everyone has a voice. Parents, I appreciate the trust and confidence that you have shown in us by allowing SOS staff to be your child’s teachers. Thank you for choosing SOS!

Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to building a strong community and hope that you will contact me to discuss how you might be a part of this work.

Becky Bracewell Tucker