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Principal's Message



I am honored to be the Director/Principal at Save Our Streets Academy.  I left the Bryan community in 1977 and feel that my experiences, both personally and professionally, have prepared me to return home to give back to the community that gave me so much.


After graduating from Bryan High and obtaining my degrees from Sam Houston State University and Prairie View A&M, I had the privilege of working with children in Huntsville ISD, Aldine ISD and Katy ISD.  As an administrator, I have learned from exceptional teachers at the Elementary, Junior High and High School levels.  Some of the strategies I learned from first grade teachers over twenty years ago were the very strategies I used with High School students the past eight years.  I have learned that regardless of age or size, we learn best from those we know care deeply about us.


I am passionate about the work I do with students and staff.  My passion is driven by my core beliefs in people and in learning.  I passionately believe that in order to level the playing field for all students we must give them the skills and knowledge to learn and work within a diverse community.   I strongly believe that a solid education is one of the tools that allows us to control and change the course of our lives.  I believe that I must give respect in order to earn respect.  Power and respect do not come from position but from character.  I am passionate about modeling the behavior I expect from those I lead and teach.  Most would say, I am just passionate.


We all need a vision of what we can be and direction in how to get there.  I am honored to be a part of building that vision and direction for our learners. 


At Arrow SOS, we believe that Direction Determines Destination! 


Becky Tucker