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An Update from Your Arrow Principal

July 31, 2020

Dear Arrow Parents,

 We are so honored and excited that you have chosen Arrow Academy as your school of choice.  We are fully committed to offering your child the absolute best education.  As evidenced by being named a Capturing Kid’s Hearts National Showcase School two years in a row, our commitment to building positive relationships with our students and their families is first and foremost.  We believe strongly that children learn best from those who love and respect them. 

Arrow Academy offers a Blended Instructional Approach to learning.  This simply means that each child has their very own learning path based on what objectives they have mastered.  I am so proud of the Arrow Academy Teachers!  All of us completed the University of Texas Blended Learning Coursework this summer.  This course taught us how to blend small group instruction, interactive learning activities and technology apps to create an individual learning path for every child.  A blended learning approach also allows for student interests and learning styles to be incorporated into each lesson.  This is possible because of our commitment to keeping our classes small.

We are also committed to offering as safe an environment as possible in these crazy times!  Our small enrollment of 125 students or less allows us to put in place several safety protocols. These protocols include daily temperature and visible symptom checks, plexiglass dividers on our student learning tables, individual student supplies, frequent cleaning of our classrooms and restrooms, etc.  For more details please read the Arrow Academy District Plan posted on the district website.  And stay tuned to the SOS website for updates on the safety protocols.

Save Our Streets campus will offer parents a choice between virtual learning and face to face learning.  Virtual learning will include students participating in classroom activities remotely for a minimum of four hours a day allowing them to interact and learn with their classmates.  Lessons will also be videoed so that parents and students can access them if they need additional instruction.  Most importantly, in addition to the first three weeks of school focusing on building relationships with our students, we will emphasis how to learn virtually so that should a school closure occur or should your child be at home for an extended period of time, learning does not have to stop!  Our face to face instruction will be provided in small groups with an emphasis on each student mastering the individual learning plan developed for them based on their beginning of the year MAP or STAAR test results. 

Our staff is dedicated to closing any learning gaps created by school closure last year.  We are dedicated to accomplishing this in the safest way possible with a focus on maintaining the health of our staff and students. 

Please feel free to call or email me with your questions.  I will continue to post updates as we move closer to the opening of school.  Please be on the lookout for a survey asking if your child will attend our face to face instruction or learn virtually using a district Chromebook.


Becky Tucker